Thursday, 8 November 2012

Episode Seven - The Nuclear Waste Problem

On this months show we discuss a little problem called nuclear waste and what the UK are doing to solve it in Cumbria. On our magical mystery tour (terrible film by the way) we discover Toby wasn't the only one who liked rollercoasters, everyone is ugly when exposed to the UV spectrum and faking one's death is rather hard to achieve in the Navy.

Our guest speakers this month are Lizzie Murray, Steve Cockerell and Jon Mann!

The track played on this episode was "Harkin On" by Squarehead from the album Live on Liz Berg's Show on WFMU 11/22/12 (Squarehead) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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  • News
    • Horizons venture crumbling (since our report was recorded Hitachi are now intending to buy into the venture)
    • Predicted electricity shortages by 2015
    • Cancer Research UK launch the R UV Ugly? campaign
    • An American Nuclear Submarine Commander has reportedly faked his own death to fool his mistress


  1. So you recorded this before the news about Hitachi I guess? The waste discussion was also a bit downbeat I thought, sure it's a serious problem but not really extraordinary compared to other hazardous waste, not just fossil fuel waste. Just keep it dry and safe until we finally build some recycling plants and reactors I say! :)

    1. I think we recorded this literally 24 hours before the GE Hitachi story broke but it's certainly good news for the Horizons venture. I agree with you on the problem front but I think what makes it such a "hazard" is the in-built perception of it and also the limited amount of space we have in which to store this stuff - something we didn't mention on the show. I just hope the Government will be more assertive in tackling this issue in the future...

  2. Hi i'm interested in getting into nuclear physics, i'm currently a history student at nottingham but i've been in talks with some of the accademics at sheffield. Are you guys on one of these new government vocational nuclear courses like NTEC, Nuclear First, C-NET? I just wondered how hard those courses are because I think it would be a jump from A-level physics and maths, although I am told it would be easy for me to catch up by some of the staff and students in the department there.

    1. These courses - one of which I'm on - provide you with an opportunity to learn all about the nuclear fuel cycle in your first year; the first six months of which are taught. So, I'd say as long as you have a good grasp of A-level physics, maths and chemistry, there will be a support staff there for you to help you through the first year. The DTCs really are great establishments for easing you through into research, rather than some straight PhD courses, which simply throw you in at the deep end so to speak.