Sunday, 25 March 2012

Inaugural Podcast - Fukushima Anniversary

On our first podcast we discuss the Fukushima incident one year on and how the public have reacted to what happened in Japan. Our guest speakers for this inaugural podcast are Paul Butler, Michael Daly and Lizzie Murray.

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For those of you who enjoy knowing everything about a podcast before you've even listened to it, here's the format for the show:

  • Introductions
  • News
    • Anglo-French nuclear summit
    • N. Korea halts their enrichment and weapons testing programs
    • Oldbury goes into retirement and take the memories of Doctor Who with it
    • RWE (German energy utility) reports huge monetary losses from 2011
    • Oh, and Iran
  • Fukushima Discussion
  • Wrap-up

For anyone wanting more information regarding the Fukushima incident head on over to

As this is our first recording comments and feedback are very much appreciated. Hopefully, we can't get any worse and we do hope you enjoyed the show!!

p.s. Gill would like to remind everyone that he does know the difference between radiation and radioactivity.


  1. Totally forgot to put this down in the info section. If you want to subscribe to this podcast using itunes simply click on the RSS "Feeds" tab (top right-hand side on the screen) and proceed to click on ATOM. You are able to subscribe through itunes by following the instructions on the opening page. Cheers!

  2. As more people see this I feel embarrassed about my wording when describing the law suit against nuclear subsidies, and my idiotic use of the word "fronted".

    What I was trying to explain (poorly) was Energy Fair's complaint to the European Commission about nuclear subsidies. With the complaint being handled by Dr Fouquet (Director of the European Renewable Energies Federation) and a few other renewable energy folk, see below:

  3. Cheers Nick. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Is it common to pronounce the word "new-cu-lar" in England?

    1. It's normally pronounced "noo-klee-er" phonetically

    2. He's Welsh... That's just his accent :P

  5. ego-tripping drivel

    1. Thanks for your comment.. It was meant to be light hearted and a bit of fun for everyone, sorry if it offended you at all. We are always trying to improve what we're doing, so if there's anything you thought was particularly bad that we could improve on next time, please let us know.