Here's a boat load of nuclear sites that we think are interesting.

News and Info

World Nuclear News - Free and accurate public information on the subject of nuclear power.
EIN Nuclear News - News feed on all things nuclear.
International Atomic Energy Agency - The IAEA is the world's center of cooperation in the nuclear field. The site contains stories and information about all aspects of atomic energy.
World Nuclear Association (Public Information Service) - Consists of 200, frequently updated information papers about all aspects of nuclear power and associated technologies.
Department of Energy and Climate Change - A very important resource in the UK, the government department concerning our energy issues and climate change.

Video Resources

NLTV - Essentially youtube for nuclear video resources. You can find lectures and public talks from all areas.
This Week in Nuclear (Video) - Nuclear energy related videos selected by John Wheeler.
Ionactive (Video Presentations) - Animated information about radiation and radiation protection by Ionactive Consulting Ltd.
ANS Youtube Channel - American Nuclear Society youtube page, filled with lots of good information and interviews.

Other Podcasts

NLTV (Podcasts) - Service designed to keep you up to date with all things Nuclear, much like ourselves
Atomic Show - Regular, US based, podcast about the news and all aspects of nuclear, hosted by Rod Adams of the Atomic Insights blog.
IAEA Talk - A podcast that features scientists and experts discussing issues related to nuclear science and its peaceful applications.

Blogs We Read

This Week in Nuclear - By John Wheeler an engineer and a manager who's worked in in the nuclear industry for over 20 years on many different projects. I started “This Week in Nuclear” because I was tired of . Blogs aimed at countering anti-nuclear bias in the mainstream media and the misinformation being propagated by a few very vocal anti-nuclear activists; views are founded on science, facts, and real world experience. It provides the unique perspective of someone who’s “been there and done that.” It’s a perspective you won’t get anywhere else, and certainly not in the mainstream media!
Ionactive Blog - Company blog of Ionactive Consulting Ltd, a Radiation Protection Adviser consultancy. Visit here to read views on radiation protection and related matters.
Atomic Insights - By Rod Adams a pro-nuclear advocate with extensive small nuclear plant operating experience. Former submarine Engineer Officer. Founder, Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. Host and producer, The Atomic Show Podcast.
AREVA North America - AREVA's blog on all things energy related.
ANS Cafe - The American Nuclear Society is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational membership association of nuclear scientists and engineers who work to promote awareness and understanding of nuclear science and technology. The ANS Nuclear Cafe is the official ANS blogsite. The Nuclear Cafe covers a variety of nuclear topics and issues and features links to many more great resources.
The Neutron Economy - The economics, politics, and technology of the nuclear fuel cycle.
Idaho Samizdat: Nuke Notes - This blog covers political and economic news about nuclear energy and nonproliferation issues.
NEI Nuclear Notes - News and commentary on the commercial nuclear energy industry.
Environmentalists for Fission Energy - By Huw Jones, engineering graduate and nuclear student supporting the use of nuclear energy for tackling climate change and energy security.
Brave New Climate - An Australian-based blog, which aims to disseminate the advantages of nuclear power and provide a clear message on how nuclear should play an integral part in our fight against climate change.
One-Sentence Nuclear News UK - Does what it says on the tin.
Depleted Cranium - Bad Science blog. Some nuclear related posts, and an interesting outlook on other things, recommended for a good read.
The Nuclear Green Revolution - A pretty good blog, by some pro thorium people.
MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering - What it says on the label pretty much, MIT views in blog form!
Atomic Power Review - A very long standing source of nuclear news and analysis, written by a former US naval reactor operator.
Nuke Power Talk - Devoted to an open and rational discussion about nuclear power.
Science Wonk - Mostly nuclear, but not always, a fantastic read.
Cool Hand Nuke - Blogs and nuclear job information from the US.

Information on Academic Courses and Industry 

Dalton Institute - Manchester University nuclear community.
Materials Performance Centre - Manchester University's nuclear materials research centre.
Nuclear FiRST DTC - Doctoral training centre for nuclear research (Collaboration between University of Manchester and University of Sheffield).
Nuclear Liaison - A portal for all UK nuclear information.
Nuclear Institute - The UK NI is a charity and is formed of a professional institute and a learned society.
Nuclear Industry Association - The trade association and representative voice of Britain's civil nuclear industry.
American Nuclear Society - ANS has hews and publications from the US society serving the nuclear industry.
International Atomic Energy Agency - The IAEA is the world's center of cooperation in the nuclear field. 
National Skills Academy - Aim to stimulate, coordinate and enable excellence in skills to support the Nuclear Programme.
Nuclear Energy Institute - The NEI site has news and information from the US nuclear energy policy organization.