Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Midsummer Meltdown

Hi everyone!!

Once again it appears we have left it a while since our last post. Unfortunately, due to the nature of postgrad research (amongst other things) we've been seriously snowed under the past few months - figuratively speaking of course!

If you follow us on twitter, we have been tweeting a ridonkulous array of news stories ranging from the extended fallout of French nuclear weapons testing  in the 1960s to the Liberal Democrats conducting a Conservative-inspired U-turn in terms of nuclear policy. Trident has also come under fire once again, with the Lib Dems claiming it's a waste of money and many others stating it's a critical part of our country's defense strategy. Oh, and the Queen had prepared a speech in the event of impending nuclear annihilation?!!

So, it appears we've once again got a shedload to discuss and debate on the upcoming episode and I hope you'll join us for the ride! We are sorry once again for the delay in getting this content to you but, if you haven't already, follow us on twitter where we'll keep you up to date with the latest nuclear news!!


See you in a few!