Thursday, 18 April 2013

Podcast Preview: We Need To Talk About North Korea

Hey guys!!

Our new episode will be going up at the beginning of May, so I just thought I'd give you a taster of what's going to be on the show!

At the risk of my repeating myself, nuclear appears to have fallen down a rocky road in recent weeks (NB. It seems quite ironic I've used rocky road as a negative as I loved those flapjacks at Uni!). Anyway, we'll be talking about the investment tightrope the Government has been walking these past few weeks in not yet reaching an electricity strike price deal with EDF Energy. This may well have huge implications!! In addition to the obvious impact on our CO2 emissions, foreign firms may not be confident in investing in future UK infrastructure projects due to the Government's ambivalence towards their own energy policy.

We'll also be discussing the mysterious closure of a manufacturing plant in Germany, which was backed by a former Iranian minister and may have possible ties to the nuclear black market. My own personal passion - nuclear waste - will also feature, as a number of  containers from the 1950's have been found at the bottom of the English Channel. Furthermore, we'll discuss the recent developments at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant.

As we can't seem to avoid western media outlets' information assault on a small country in East Asia, I believe we need to talk about North Korea. With John Sweeney (BBC Panorama) going on an ethically-upstanding visit to the People's Republic - one in which the Beeb in no way damaged academic integrity with unstable foreign nations - it's about time we have a discussion on how we've arrived at this juncture with Kim Jong-un! So, there's plenty to look forward to on the show and if you have any questions for the recording don't hesitate to tweet us!!!

By the way, the Panorama investigation on North Korea is embedded below! Let us know what you think. Did it tell you anything you didn't know already? Was it worth placing the London School of Economics in disrepute? Oh, and you may have heard of the journalist John Sweeney before.... There's a reason for that. He channeled the power of Zeus during a debate with Tommy Davis (a Scientologist) on a previous Panorama investigation. 

Catch you hitchhiking down the road,