Monday, 11 February 2013

Podcast Preview - A Nuclear Nostradamus?

Hi everyone!!

Gunth here. Sorry for not updating the site since our Christmas episode but we've unfortunately been very busy as of late with research and what not. However, we will be recording our next episode within the following fortnight and it's going to be a show of Nostradamian proportions. 

I think it's safe to say that nuclear has been getting a bit of a battering in the press over the past few weeks.  With news stories such as the Centrica pull-out, the Cumbrian County Council pull-out and a Sellafield nuclear decommissioning bill as long as Bilbo Baggins' Dwarven contract, it promises to be a hotly-debated episode. With that, we thought it prudent not to include a discussion this month - as we'll probably be ranting incessantly on these issues at length.

Once again - to all our listeners - apologies for the delay in getting content out to you but we'll be back on the podcast-o-sphere in the next few weeks. Remember if you have any questions for the show, do not hesitate to tweet us @Nuke_Hitchhiker. In the mean time, here's Destiny's Child flying the nuclear flag with their aptly-titled new single "Nuclear"; 

See you at the end of Feb folks!!!