Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Episode Five - A Nuclear Deterrent

On this months show we discuss the UK's supposed plutonium "laundry service", a "balanced" study on Fukushima death projections by an anti-nuclear advocate, Helen Caldicott and the uranium-heroin connection, US-Israeli involvement in "stuxnet" and, finally......... Alex Salmond.

Our discussion will take the form of a debate on whether or not the UK needs a nuclear deterrent any more. Matt Gill, Joel Turner and Paul Butler believe it's immoral to get rid of our nuclear capability; whilst Kate Tucker, Craig Morrison and Toby Wright argue that it's immoral to keep them.......FIGHT!

The track played on this months show was "Radiation Hazard" by gwEm and Counter Reset from the album Live from Hell. (Radiation Hazard (gwEm and Counter Reset) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

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  • Intro
  • News
    • UK-German plutonium agreement (3:52 - 8:50)
    • Fukushima death study (8:51 - 16:03)
    • Dr. Helen Caldicott highlighting the uranium-heroin connection (16:04 - 23:46)
    • US-Israeli cyber-attack on Iranian nuclear facility (23:47 - 32:09)
    • Alex Salmond and nuclear weapons trading (32:10 - 37:37)
  • Deterrent debate (37:38 - 66:15)