Friday, 1 June 2012

Episode Three - A Nuclear Economy (Part One and Two)

On this months show we enter the murky world of energy economics and ask whether nuclear power is economically viable? On our journey we discover the Europeans aren't aware of Eurovision's existence, Mike has turned his back on the fishing community and Gunth is obsessed with Caroline Lucas. Our guest speakers are Chris Green, Maureen Haverty and Mike Daly.

The podcast is split into two distinct chunks this month: news (40mins) and discussion (20mins).... We just didn't know when to shut up!

The track played on the show was "Floss Suffers From Gamma Radiation" by the Blue Ducks, from the album Six. (Floss Suffers From Gamma Radiation (Blue Ducks) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Click on the "Read Below" tab below to access parts one and two of the podcast!

Part One - News

Part Two - Discussion

  • Introductions
  • News
    • Election of Francois Hollande
    • Japan shutdown
    • Cumbria has spoken!
    • Low-dose radiation study on mice
    • Kodak may have started a nuclear war?!!
  • Discussion - Is nuclear power an economically viable venture

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  1. Thanks for the free ice cream podcasts. I really enjoy them, at least the parts I understand, being American and separated from y'all by a common language.

    Do you know MP3's are compressed? No need to zip them.

    Thanks again.