Monday, 30 April 2012

Episode Two - Radiation

On this months show we discuss the mysterious world of radiation and how the public perceive this ethereal entity. Along the way we discover girls have to play cricket in order to be cool, Vladimir Putin may want to audition for The Walking Dead and there be nuclear sheep in those hills! Our guest speakers are Joel Turner, Kate Tucker and Peter Gill.

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  • Introduction
  • News
    • The Oldbury pullout
    • N. Korea and a small issue of a rocket failing.
    • Chinese reactor goes online.
    • Vladimir Putin and psychotronics.
  • Radiation discussion
  • Wrap - up
Gunth - like Gill on last month's show - has got his terms the wrong way around, oops! China is technically an authoritarian regime and not, strictly speaking, a dictatorship!

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  1. Some constructive criticism maybe? While I like the casual tone, it occasionally gets in the way of some podcast basics, like actual short introductions of who the podcasters are. In the same vein, why not make use of your expertise and spend a bit more time on some issues, for example the Chinese reactors, it would have been nice to hear how they compare to the American or French newbuilds? You've had a couple of great blog posts, bring some of that to the podcast! If you spend a little bit less time on North Korea and Putins Pain-Ray :) there should be time for that. The student survey stuff was great, also could have used a bit more time. Anyways, great stuff!

    1. Hi Anders. Thanks for your comment. The feedback is really appreciated. I agree with balance and I think it's something that will definitely come with practise. As with other podcasts, we find going off on tangents can be sometimes distracting, yet also quite engaging in some instances for more casual listeners.

      With that being said, I welcome your suggestion on new build comparisons and we'll endeavour to discuss this on a future episode. With topics such as this, it may be worthwhile dedicating it to a discussion section, whilst also trying to pitch it at casual listeners.

      We did discuss some of news stories in more detail in the unedited version of the podcast but unfortunately it clocked in at an astronomically large time ha.

      Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the podcasts and blogs!

    2. Thanks Anders.. I completely agree with you.
      We really need to work on our tangential trecks into non-nuclear related things. While we the casual off topic bits are something we like about it, we do spend too long on them and need to stay on topic!!. (If you're from the UK, we're aiming for a BBC Breakfast style, serious stuff with short off topic bits and some lighthearted but interesting relating parts to soften it up for all the non-nuclear people who listen).

      It's quite tricky at the moment because we do it in one long recording and edit it all after. So we're gradually incorporating things to mould it into what we want. For the next one someone is going to be on a laptop fact checking as we've had an issue with that. It might also be an idea if they also keep an eye out for off topic ramblings!!.

      Thanks for your suggestion, we're taking all feedback on board as we want people to get as much out of it as possible. Let us know what you think of the next one, and we'll endeavour to gradually improve!

  2. You might have done this already but when you're doing your editing you can get rid of some of the background hum using Audacity: